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    Sociological research

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    A paper which looks at sociological research methodologies, with particular reference to the conflict and rational-utilitarian perspectives of sociological theory.

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    Having developed a number of research methodologies which have been tested and seen to be valid, in the sense that the given parameters operate as anticipated even  in repeated experiments, the student now needs to look more closely at the way in which these techniques could be applied to a sociological study.  The  research question to be investigated must have a social element, which indicates that it needs to be related directly in some way to human social behaviour, in the way that  the research experiment using dyads revealed certain insights regarding the way in which power dynamics and gender interact. The properties which are used in the study should reflect accurately the  particular areas which are to be investigated, and their parameters explained clearly: in a study which looks at the interaction between males and females in a particular social situation, for  instance, physical behaviour in the form of body language might be one of the properties included, and the student would need to consider what kinds of stance or movement indicate  power, which indicate submissiveness, and so on.  The investigation needs to be not only based on a suitable topic, but the methodology must take into account the ways of  collecting data which are available: some interesting issues of social behaviour do not lend themselves easily to quantifiable analysis, whilst there are other topics which might prove suitable in themselves 

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