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    St. Augustine’s Confessions - Book X / Memory

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    In 10 pages, the author discusses St. Augustine of Hippo’s intricate analysis of memory, its relation to the self, and its powers as found in Book 10 of “The Confessions.” Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    most important is "Confessions." Although written centuries ago, "Confessions" continues to hold great philosophical value today. Standing out from the rest, "Confessions" lends grand insight into Saint Augustines  theories and philosophies. Book Ten, Chapter VIII - XXII of this tome tells of the Saints intricate analysis of memory and its relation to the self and its powers.  In Chapter VIII, Augustine discusses the nature and the amazing power of memory. Augustine discusses that literature and images are taken from  memory in Chapter IX. Chapter X gives a description of the literature of memory as coming forth from a secret place within ones memory. Chapter XI discusses what  learning and thinking is. Chapter XII discusses recollecting mathematical things. Chapter XIV discusses the manner in which sadness and joy may be brought back into the mind and  therefore the memory. Augustine discusses that memory also contains images of things that are absent. That the adversity of memory is forgetfulness is discussed in Chapter XVI.  In Chapter XVII, Augustine discusses that God cannot be attained unto the power of memory that birds and beasts possess. In Chapter XVIII, Augustine discusses that something lost could  not be found unless it were in ones memory. Chapter XIX tells what it is to remember. In Augustines  manner of thinking, memory was stored within him, although God expected purity from him. This was quite a conundrum for Augustine. In fact, lustful events were able to  intrude upon his mind, and he during the night when he was asleep, those memories would envelope him. The memories were lascivious and he wished that God would simply 

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