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    Stalin And Hitler: Rise To Power

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    6 pages in length. The writer discusses various reasons historians believe Stalin and Hitler were able to rise to the level of power each on attained. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    to see how Stalin reached such incredible levels of intimidation. Stalin was determined to control the socialist culture, inasmuch as he did not want any potential opposition to his  rule; by keeping the people under the same social and economic constraints, while at the same time making it appear as though his presence was supportive of democracy, he would  be able to perpetuate both his propaganda and tyrannical rule, a duality Bullock claims was successful because of the level of terror Stalin infused into his political and social scheme.  Russia went from one totalitarian lunatic to another when Stalin took over Lenins reign. While he mirrored the vast majority of Lenins  unsavory political tactics, there was one element of terror Stalin devised on his own that even Lenin thought to be unacceptable: the Great Purge. Clearly, this historically bloody event  took the lives of Stalins own Communist members, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that he held no respect for human life - even those of his comrades. Zagladin  points to the deception so inherent to Stalins reign that ultimately hoodwinked the masses to follow the leadership of one who promised "prosperity and abundance" (Zagladin 262) but in reality  "brought down on them terror and repression, and dragged the world into an era of bloody wars..." (Zagladin 262). The author further notes how the revisiting of Stalinism in  the 1980s inspired a distinctive duality with regard to how and why this man ever reached the heights of political leadership that he ultimately did. In spite of how  Stalin appeared to cultivate his own brand of morbid paranoia that fueled his characteristically mean temperament, some historians believe Lenin influenced many of the same beliefs and approaches that inspired 

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