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    This 9 page paper looks at Starbucks, first outlining the history and then undertaking a SWOT analysis. The paper ends with a financial analysis of the company’s five year performance which indicates how the strategies seen in the history and SWOT analysis translate into financial results. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

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    of the company needs to be examined, this places the performance into context of the company that had only one store in 1971 to the current position of more than  4,800 branches internationally today ((The Seattle Times, 2001). It was 1985 when Schultz managed to convince the founders of the coffee company that it is worth trying out the new  format of a coffee bar. He gains a site in the down town area and the first modern format Starbucks opens. The experiment as a complete success and the companys  current history begins with Schultz founding the new company in 1985 (Starbucks, 2001). This was not a new idea, as we see it adopted and adapted form ideas he saw  in Italy, but it is the first of the type to be seen in the US in this type of format. The innovation was unique, and the concept was formed.  After this we start to see more innovation and development. In 1985, the same year, there is the introduction of a  new product; Christmas Blend coffee as well as diversifying into Il Giornale, a coffee bar that uses Starbucks coffees beans for its coffee (Starbucks, 2003). By 1987 the Il Giornale  company, that was the company founded by Schultz is so successful it is able to gain the backing of local investors and then purchase the assets of Starbucks, as a  result it changes its name to Starbucks Corporation (Starbucks, 2003). This may also be seen as an indication of the way the company was to develop, with special coffees, which  would later diversify into other products such as ice creams. By the end of 1987, with the opening of a branch in 

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