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    Starting A New Airline In New Zealand

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    This 4 page paper discusses a proposal to set up a new airline in New Zealand. In this scenario, the owners have decided to follow the example of Herb Kelleher who founded Southwest. This essay explains the components of Southwest's beginning in their own plan. The essay also includes a SWOT of the new airline and their beginning plans. This is an essay about strategy and no one about rules and regulations. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    the most market share and because other smaller airlines operate in the country, such as Virgin (Rankin, 2002; Travel Biz, 2003). it is imperative that the new airline offers unique  service. It is essential to target a market and to market effectively. For this reason, Simmons and Wallace have decided to follow the example of Herb Kelleher and Southwest  Airline in the United States. Their reasoning is that Southwest has succeeded against all the obstacles place in their way and they have been profitable every year they have been  in business (Robinson, 2000). Simmons and Wallace recognize that New Zealand is not the same size as America but they also know that Southwest began by offering limited service, in  fact, they began by offering service to only three cities (Robinson, 2000). The mission of Kiwi Air is to offer short haul service, on time, at the lowest price possible,  with excellent service. The goals are to begin by offering service to limited routes, specifically to four cities, all within a 150 to 200 mile radius. The purpose of this  type of routing is that if they keep fares low enough, more people who would normally drive these distances will prefer to fly, thereby saving time and energy they would  have to expend to drive for three or four hours (Robinson, 2000). Organizational and environmental factors are perceived as: Strengths: * Visionary leadership * Financing has been secured through  bank loans and investors * Loyalty to customers and employees * It will offer an excellent workplace based on respect and caring Weaknesses: * Does not have all  regulatory processes completed. * New business entering a very competitive environment. Opportunities: * No airline in New Zealand offers the exact service Kiwi Air intends to offer * More people 

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