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    Stem Cell Research and Moral Dilemmas

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    A 5 page research paper that discusses embryonic stem cell research, what it is, and the parameters involved, and addresses the central issues of the moral and ethical questions it entails. Citing research, the writer argues that the whole issue of morality can be avoided by using blood cord stem cells. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    below. Citation styles constantly change, and these examples may not contain the most recent updates.?? Stem Cell Research and Moral Dilemmas Enterprises  Inc. By - April, 2010 properly! Stem cells research holds the promise of benefitting medicine  in a number of productive, almost miraculous ways; however, there are also problematic moral issues involved due to debates concerning the points at which a fertilized ovum should be considered  as deserving of human rights. For example, Robert George, McCormick professor of jurisprudence at Princeton University believes that an "embryo is not something distinct from a human being. It is  a human being at the earliest stages of development" (Wagner, 2007, p. 8). On other hand, Michael Sandel, Bass professor of government at Harvard University, believes that "The fact that  all persons were once blastocysts does not prove that all blastocysts are persons. This is faulty reasoning. The fact that every oak tree was once an acorn does not prove  that every acorn is an oak tree" (Wagner, 2007, p. 8). As Sandels reference to blastocysts suggests, in order to understand the issues involved in stem cell research, it is  first necessary to have a basic conceptualization of how it is conducted, as well as understand the processes involved in fertilization and human embryonic development. Many members of the general  public equate the words "embryo" and "fetus" and consider them to be synonyms (Steinbock, 2006, p. 26). The term "embryo" refers to a fertilized egg that has begun cell division.  The word "fetus" refers to development after the eighth week, which is when all of the major body structures have formed. Stem cells are extracted from embryos while they are 

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