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    Stomatal Opening and Influential Factors

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    In fourteen pages the stomatal opening is considered in terms of the various factors that influence it are examined along with a consideration of how these factors are biochemically examined. Seven sources are listed in the bibliography.

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    function that has been observed as reacting to different influences. If the way that stomatal opening is understood, then the way in which plants are managed and genetically engineered may  benefit form the knowledge, especially for the development of plants where there is the need for plants to conserve moisture. This is the case for many plants that may help  with the provision of food to third world nations, where conditions may be harsh and water scarce. The epidermis has small opening known as pores, these pores are the  way in which gases and moisture in the form of water vapour escape, with the opening and the closing of the pores controlling the rate of gas and water vapour  expulsion. In plants, the stomata are most densely located on the leaves; their opening and closing is a key function for plant survival and plays an important role in  photosynthesis and perspiration (Allen et al, 2000). On either side of the stomata there is a guard cell which will control the opening and the closing of the stomata. These  two guard cells are the controlling mechanism for the aperture (Anonymous). These guard cells need to be capable of movement and as such they need a supply of energy  to carry out their function. These cells provide themselves with this energy due to their make up, which includes a number of mitochondria and chloroplasts and may be interpreted  as miniature photosynthesis factories. These are therefore the only epidermal cells which are green in colour. If the student wishes to see a view of the guard cells this can  be retrieved from http://forest.wisc.edu/forestry415/TreeStructure/leaves/guardcell.htm . To place this in the broader context of the leave structure this may be seen with the diagram of the cross section of a leaf 

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