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    Stopping Drug Abuse Before It Begins

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    A 15 page presentation & proposal designed to fulfill an unmet need in an inner-city community. The writer discusses how a social services center can be used to gather support from parents & teachers in proactively taking kids off the streets and helping them to avoid drug use before ever starting. Relevant social theories, constituents involved, and a plan for presenting the idea to the local government are presented. Bibliography lists 16 sources.

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    It is largely a community-based center whose personnel invest a great deal of their time in helping vagrants, drug users, and various problem cases. It is here that I am  a counselor and it is here that I have heard some of the most heart-wrenching stories imaginable. I have seen the helplessly addicted and watched the struggles of the terminally-ill  -- suffering from such wretched diseases as AIDS. And from all that I have seen, I realize how truly important the Khaleidoscope Health Care Center is to the surrounding community  and how important it truly is for it to work as hard as it can to meet the needs of people. Historically, the center has been viewed  as a vehicle for social integration by creating the opportunity for different social groups to have a positive social interaction, by the promotion of common social norms and cultural values,  and by providing the residents with a sense of community. The agency has been seen as a means for promoting community development and cohesion, and for integrating immigrant and socially  deprived populations into the mainstream of society. As a community based organization, the Khaleidoscope Center has been known to adapt to the specific characteristics of the community, and tailor its  services to the unique needs of the residents. By providing a broad range of services, the agency has traditionally been a focal point for many different community groups, and by  emphasizing the concept of membership. It attempts to foster active local participation and control. Jersey City Jersey City is located along the Hudson  River directly across from the heart of the U.S. largest city, New York. To date, its considerably smaller population is estimated at just below 1/4 million people but nevertheless, the 

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