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    Strategic Plan for a High School

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    This 8 page paper focuses on plans to help a high school jump over hurdles involving drug abuse, discipline problems, a lack of interest in girls' sports and overcrowded classrooms. Each of these problems are addressed. A SWOT analysis is included. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    particular high school faces problems not unlike other high schools today. For example, there are discipline problems. This is again not unusual as society finds the present generation unruly and  this is a phenomenon that has been progressively getting worse over time. Bryson (1995) explains that in general, public institutions are changing a great deal and continue to face more  and more difficult challenges. This is particularly true of school systems today. With laws that prohibit corporal punishment, and schools worried about lawsuits in general, little discipline is doled out.  At times, there have been suggestions to put a child on Ritalin, and attempts to get diagnoses for children who are out of hand. Yet, the dilemma is difficult because  labeling children, and treating those who purportedly have a physical ailment, is only a Band-Aid for the immense amount of discipline problem areas within the schools. Another problem is overcrowding  and this seemingly cannot be helped. If budgets are voted down year after year, more teachers cannot be hired. The building may be too small. If the school has a  good reputation, housing prices rise and people flock to the area, causing a situation of overcrowding before more money is funneled into the system. Solutions of course are to enlarge  the building and hire more teachers, but in order to do this, the money has to be there. In this particularly case study, it will be assumed that money is  not a problem. Gender Issues have also come into play and there is a serious concern where few girls are interested in sports. This means that the sports teams--at least  in respect to girls sports--is lacking. Although girls can join the teams that are not gender-specific, they seem to attract only boys. An effort should be made to create an 

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