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    Strategic Plan for a Real Estate Company

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    This 17 page paper is a business plan for a real estate company, the paper considers the key success factors, undertakes a SWOT analysis and then determines some goals along with corporate, business and operational strategies including the way the company would gain a competitive advantage. The paper is based on some company details provided by the student, but could be applied to a variety of companies. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

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    1. Introduction The industry in which TIC Real Estate Developers operate can be very changeable, the renting out of office space  and developing commercial premises to let is a complex business and many factors will influence the success or failure of a company. Looking at the key success factors, internal factors  with a SWOT analysis, the company current and potential strategy and goals the company would be in a much stronger position to plan and realise their goals with this level  of self understanding. 2. Key Success Factors In the rental office sector of real estate there are several key success factors that will help a company to gain more business  by making it more attractive or developing the characteristics and services that are demanded by the customers. Not all demands will be key success factors, just preferred, therefore there is  the necessity to establish which factors are key and which are just desirable. * Location; the first key factor is that of location. When office space is sought a  company will have several goals in mind, these will dependant on the type of business they are in. The offices will need to be located in an area where there  is sufficient infrastructure to support the demand of the company. For example, this may be information technology infrastructures need to be in place. Where a company will have a large  number of employees this may mean the transportation network or public parking facilities need to be able to support the move. Likewise with a supermarket the location should be in  an area which is easy to reach by the target market and is also highly visible as the ability to see the facilities is of paramount importance. Location is 

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