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    Strategic Planning for Non-Profit Organizations

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    This is a 4 page paper that provides an overview of strategic planning in non-profit organizations. SWOT analysis is explained. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    marginalized or troubled categories of people, and so on. With these latter types of organizations, there can be a real risk of mis-management as a result of the attempt to  run such organizations differently from profit-oriented ventures. To be sure, it may well be the case that a charitable outreach organization is not "in business to make a profit", but  the principles of sound leadership and management that profitable businesses follow are primarily concerned with keeping such organizations solvent and encouraging sustainability of practices. In other words, even if profit  is not the ultimate goal of an organization, running the organization in accordance with well-established principles of organizational leadership and strategy will help to ensure that the organization is able  to conduct its practices in long-term through emphasizing sustainability and the leveraging of internal advantages. This paragraph helps the student introduce a hypothetical case study by which to explore the  above principles. In order to best understand how organizational leadership principles should be applied to charitable organizations, one might be well served to consider a hypothetical example. Suppose, for instance,  that one wanted to open a youth outreach center in urban Chicago. Keeping a business of any sort open in a competitive and expensive market such as Chicago is a  challenge in the best of circumstances and can be doubly so for organizations such as outreach centers, which are not necessarily generating a profit. Instead of profit, such organizations stay  afloat through receiving contributions from a variety of external sources. In order to qualify for these contributions, however, organizations must represent themselves well to potential investors, emphasizing the effectiveness of  the organizations strategies, and its ability to fulfill its mission and goals. Therefore, in order for an organization such as a youth outreach center to succeed, it has to 

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