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    A 4 page research paper that examines difference aspects of stress. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    issue of stress. A useful definition of stress, in regards to how this word is popularly understood, perceives it as regarding demands that are made upon the ability of the  mind and body to adapt (Olpin and Hesson 3). Whether or not stress is viewed as positive or negative depends on the way in which the individual reacts to these  demands, rather than the actual events that triggered the perception of stress. When stress occurs-which may be from work situations, social tensions, or life-and-death situations, such as accidents or natural  disasters-it places demands on the body. These physiological changes are most evident in regards to acute stress, which causes heart and respiration rates to increase, along with increased hormone levels,  such as adrenaline. The effects of chronic and acute stress are negative, both mentally and physically; however, not all stress is negative. A moderate amount of stress can be  instrumental in helping individuals to achieve their goals, as it spurs performance and provides motivation to excel (Olpin and Hesson 3). Robert Yerkes and John Dobson of Harvard University first  identified the relationship between stress and enhanced performance in 1908, identifying moderate stress as "healthy, useful and even beneficial" (Olpin and Hesson 3). It is when stress exceeds the individuals  ability to cope that it becomes destructive. These destructive effects can be moderated through a variety of stress reduction techniques, such as meditation, yoga, guide imagery, as well as other  strategies. 2. Not all stress is emotional, social or psychological, as numerous environmental factors can result in physiological stress. For example, the Ontario Ministry of Labour (OML) indicates that  temperature, that is, working or recreating in a hot environment, puts stress on bodily systems. The body is constantly generating heat. Therefore, hot or humid weather, as well as being 

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