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    Students Who are Hearing Impaired and Acoustic Signals

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    In five pages the importance of a better speech to noise acoustic signal ratio is described and its significance to the educational sphere is emphasized so that the hearing impaired student can receive improved academic benefits. There are five sources cited in the bibliography.

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    explain this concept and the fact that it is important that schools use such systems for the hearing impaired student. HEARING IMPAIRMENTS There is an increasing consensus among both  parents and school administrators that the best place for students with mild to profound hearing loss is within the mainstream system so that they might absorb a broader and more  comprehensive education. In such a setting if the educational setting were equipped with a better acoustic signal, meaning a better speech-to-noise ratio, then these hearing-impaired children would have a  better chance of learning in the mainstream classrooms. Coupled with the advantage of mainstream education for students with mild to profound hearing loss is the issue of cost. Special  education programs drain a given school system of precious limited funds that could easily and effectively be incorporated into other areas where hearing-impaired students could benefit right along with the  rest of the student body. However, this particular issue has become a major point of contention for those who do not believe special education programs should be abolished. The  line that separates supporters and opponents of inclusion continues to widen as both sides attempt to demonstrate their points. Whose best interests are being considered with the implementation of full  inclusion for students with mild to profound hearing loss? That is the primary concern among members on both sides of the issue. Those students who require special, personalized  attention in order to gain any scholastic achievement due to their hearing impairments are not going to get that individualized consideration when they are blended together with a class of  non hearing-impaired students. NEW FINDINGS IN TEACHING THE HEARING-IMPAIRED Research has shown that in order for children to in the maximum way possible, the teacher must have a voice 

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