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    The correlation between these two variables is outlined in this 10 page research proposal. After a review of sociological literature, a study is designed which includes the derivation of relevant statistical data as well as questionnaire distribution. Ten sample questions are included as well as an explanation of the methodology employed. Variables are described in detail. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

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    being "responsible" for murders and suicides due to violent or melancholy lyrics, sociologists have found more of a linkage between suicide and country tunes. Interestingly, country music emanated from the  bible banging south. While a great deal of sociological and psychological literature notes a negative correlation between suicide and organized religion, the assumption may be flawed. It does seem  that a positive correlation may be established between the two and evidence, though scant and not necessary direct, nevertheless does exist. The fact that cult groups, containing many of the  same elements as organized religion and have a propensity for suicide is just one indication. Another is that many people who belong to organized, established religions are subjected to a  great deal of ritualism, denial of true feelings and seem to be prone to depression. The impact of their religious affiliation should not be discounted. When a person takes his  or her own life, and just so happens to be an active member of a church, the question of a linkage surfaces. Of course, people not affiliated with religion kill  themselves everyday. Most of these acts are a result of depression or more adequately explained in sociological terms, a result of anomie. In order to study the possibility that  organized religion is one causative factor of anomie, which in turn may result in suicide, one has to examine the components carefully. A look at literature on organized religion, depression,  anomie and suicide should all be examined independently and then together. The pieces of the puzzle should then be linked in order to find evidence to prove or disprove the  thesis that organized religion is a causative factor in suicide. There is a great deal of literature related to suicide, though none links it clearly and positively to religion. Yet, 

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