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    Sulphur Dioxide

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    This 5 page paper considers the public health problem of sulphur dioxide and the impacts. This paper provides a methodology for studying this issue. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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    a variety of irritations in individuals in close proximity to the source. Further, sulphur dioxide can also negatively impact the environment, causing problems for vegetation and even other animals.  In studying the issue of sulphur dioxide emissions, it is necessary to consider the use of a specific research methodology, and then outline the value of understanding the health  problems caused by sulphur dioxide and the efforts for control that have been put into place in recent years. Each of these elements helps to provide a beneficial view of  the problem with an aim at future prevention. Identify Methodology The research method employed in this study is based on a qualitative design which provides a comparative view of  the current literature (Greenhalgh, 2002). This type of methodology is most commonly referred to as descriptive and is non-experimental in its base. Essentially, this type of qualitative research provides  a comparative analysis of the current literature rather than employing other instruments, including a research questionnaire or the assessment of a subject population. The basis for this type  of non-experimental research study is the outlining of theories and models which provide a structure through which assertions made in the current literature can be applied. Wright (1996) argued  that "number counting and statistical techniques are not the central issues" (p. 64). This is especially true when applying perspectives for structural change to aviation industry environment and for  understanding the emerging issues, and the development of a qualitative/comparative study is a beneficial alternative to providing statistical representations. It can also be argued that comparative, qualitative reviews are  more objective and more thorough than traditional descriptive reviews because their approach is more systematic. A systematic approach allows for summaries of theories, ideas and background history that are more 

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