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    Summary of Women Seeking Governorships by David Broder

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    In five pages Broder's article involving the growing number of women in the political spectrum is discussed. There is no bibliography included.

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    political positions should come as no surprise, since women have been involved with politics in one way or another for much of the twentieth century. Indeed, women and politics  are no strangers if the student looks into the recent past, with presidential first ladies clearly setting the stage for all women - governors or not - who follow in  their footsteps. Twentieth century first ladies have done much to enhance to nations appeal. While some were relatively absent from the political  scene due to illness or quiet demeanor, others stepped forward into the limelight with a fierce desire to incur change. From Ida Saxton McKinley to Hillary Rodham Clinton, Americas  first ladies of the twentieth century have been instrumental in forging ahead the national philosophy of democracy, as well as providing ample proof that women are as valuable to politics  as their male counterparts. Broder touches upon an important feminist issue of today: are women as well equipped to serve the public as  men are? Indeed, the road to female freedom and self-expression has been paved with patriarchal intolerance ever since the days of old. That women have been forced to  prove their worthiness within the stringent boundaries of a male-dominated existence speaks volumes about the inherent fortitude that comprises the female spirit. Broder clearly illustrates how women and politics  have gained a new respect from the masses, with voters placing their ballots for the best person to do the job, not necessarily the best gender. People are beginning  to realize that men do not have all the answers and that women are more than qualified to step in to help find them. 

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