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    Support For First Year Teachers / Research Study Proposal

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    A 6 page paper offering a research proposal for investigating the issue of supportive relationships and first year teacher success, specifically what kinds of support the novice teacher needs. Sections include: Statement of the problem, hypotheses; Review of literature; Analysis of findings; Conclusions and recommendations. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    Today, that challenge is greater than ever before in our society. Both schools and society are in a continual state of flux; immigration of peoples from all over the world  soars with each year bringing students with limited English communicative skills and different cultural mores changing the composition of the school and classroom as never before. The mobility of the  population from one geographic region in the country to another adds to the cultural changes in the classroom. These changes add to the anxieties of beginning teachers. Novice teachers worry  that they are not adequately prepared to face the diversity they are likely to find in their classroom and they worry that they may not be able to meet the  needs of their diverse population of students (Wilson, Ireton and Wood, 1997). Compounding these kinds of ethnic and socio-economic changes in the classroom  is the reported school violence in the schools and discipline issues they may have to face on a daily basis. These issues are in addition to their already-present anxieties about  doing their own lesson plans, talking with parents, working with the rest of the staff and just managing their own classroom on their own during these first months. If the  new teacher knows he or she will be assigned to a mentor teacher, that in itself can create even more anxiety despite the fact that the mentor program is supposed  to help them. This situation becomes even more prevalent in North and South Carolina where the population and the school regime is facing difficult changes (Wilson, Ireton and Wood, 1997).  It can feel like an overwhelming job and many begin that first year of teaching wondering if they really chose the right profession. 

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