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    Symbolism, Symbols, and Themes in Jean Anouilh's Antigone and Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House

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    In seven pages this paper analyzes how uses of symbolism and symbols reinforce the themes in these two plays. Seven sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    to represent the essential themes in their plays. In "A Dolls House" Ibsen uses the central character of Nora to symbolize the theme of womens inequality in marriages during the  1800s. To do this he has Nora playing childish games such as hide and seek and her being constantly referred to in animal and bird images to depict the type  of diminishment she encounters from her husband. In addition, some smaller elements in the play are used to symbolize other aspects of the theme such as the use of a  dolls house depicting how the characters, and mostly Nora are used as puppets; the use of a reference to a dove to instill peace in Nora; and the dismal weather  outside of the house which provides a contrast to the "safe" and warm environment inside the house among others. In "Antigone", the central character Antigone is used to symbolize the  French resistance to the German occupation during World War II. On a smaller scale there are several elements within the play which symbolize her own childish ways by her use  of a childs shovel and childrens clothing. Like Nora, she is symbolized as childish in many ways but represents the greater themes depicted in the play such as oppression and  standing up rights and truth. In Henrik Ibsens play "A Dolls House" there are many symbols which represent different aspects and themes which  are relevant throughout the story. The fact that Nora eventually becomes a symbol of equality of womens rights was probably not the intention of Ibsen but later became the case.  Her character in the play is central to the symbols and themes which occur. One of the most obvious symbols originates with the title itself "A Dolls House". The dolls 

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