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    This 6 page paper discusses the impact that Tadashi Suzuki's acting methodology and philosophy have had on American and Global acting. Quotes cited from the texts. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    up visions of pint sized violins and equally pint-sized musicians. However, Tadashi Suzuki, apart from the musicianship of the other Suzuki, was an instructor not for music and musicians, but  for actors and the theater. His methods revolutionized the way in which actors were trained, which lasts still to today. THE METHOD AND THE MAN The Suzuki Actor Training Method  has as its principal concept to restore the wholeness of the human body to the theatrical experiences and bringing out the actors expressive abilities with which he/she was born. The  technique itself seems to take its influence from ballet, Greek theater, and martial arts. As bizarre as it sounds this combination of Greek theater and martial arts seems to be  able to bring out the emotional and physical power and commitment to being in the moment on the stage, being able to block out all other distractions. Tadashi Suzuki  has offered his teachings in the form of a book called, The Way of Acting. This method utilized the rigorous training that one generally expects from a martial arts class  in order to provide the body with more energy and an avoidance of an over confident or relaxed state on stage, or with a character. In many respects this method  is an equal balance of physical discipline and mental/spiritual discipline. In Suzukis theories and methodology, the act of portraying a character on the stage is not enough. The truest judgment  of how well an actor has done is how the actor is able to use his words and whole bodys energy to convince the audience of a universal message that  is profound and true. As one can see, in this methodology, much more rides on a good performance by an actor. It is not simply the actors ability to pretend 

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