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    This 6 page paper discusses the controversy surrounding MEl Gibson's release of his version of the passion of Christ. Argumentative essay in support of Mel Gibson's portrayal. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    crucifixion, of Christ. Most recently, this event has been depicted on film by noted actor, Mel Gibson. Gibson, turned director, has recently come under fire for the production of this  movie, with allegations that the movie is too brutal, bloody, and promotes anti-Semitic feelings. However, one has to wonder what the outcry from the Jewish community is all about. History  is, as the they say, history. While it is true that the Jewish people condemned Christ to death, Gibsons movie, The Passion of Christ in no way points an accusatory  finger at any ethnic group. Any assumption of this is purely in the mind of the viewer and is clearly not the intent of the producer or director. Many state  their displeasure in the film stems from the depiction of the blood and gore of the event. Perhaps the people making this statement are unaware of how barbaric and cruel  crucifixion actually was as a source of capital punishment. Of all the ways that a person might be executed during the time of Christ, crucifixion was reserved for the worst  of the worst. People who were crucified were executed in this manner because they wished to make examples of them for the public to view, and view for a long  time. Perhaps in the distance between the time of Christ and modern times, the death of Christ by way of crucifixion has been sanitized and glamorized to the point  of removing the reality of the act. However, the truth of the matter is, crucifixion IS bloody. It IS painful. It IS gruesome. If anything, the movie provides the faithful  a truer glimpse into what the body of Christ endured during the last few days of his life. There is no glamour in it. Christs death was not about glamour. 

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