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    This 5 page paper analyzes The Power of the General, a film by Rene Fortunato for the psychological profile (DSM) of Trujillo the dictator of the Dominican Republic.

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    most infamous dictator, Trujillo. Many issues arise when viewing these series of films. One such issue is that of character. Each character, especially Trujillo himself, offer much insight into the  psychological and often pathological make-up of this ruthless leader. Fortunatos films were not made for the intellectuals in his country, but rather the  uneducated masses. With this in mind, then, Fortunato had to find a way to portray a significant amount of data in an easy way. As a result much of what  he offers on the screen is very visual, and heavy with sensory elements which portray the mood, the historical period, and the mindset of the characters. Synopsis: "El Poder del  Jefe" is set in the times before Trujillo came to power. It shows the troubled political, economic and social conditions that led to the rise of the Trujillo dictatorship.  The second part of that documentary concentrates on the political and social events that took place in the Dominican Republic between 1938 and 1952. The third installment which deals with  the hectic period between 1952 and Trujillos death in 1961, ends the series. Within the context of the storys arch one sees a young, brash soldier come into power.  One is not expressly privy to the formative influences in his life, but the directors suppositions are obvious. Those that Trujillo surrounded himself with indicate a personality which was charismatic,  but insecure. Psychological Analysis: A popular army commander, Rafael Trujillo assumed total political control of the government in 1930. His main goal would seem to have been to make the  Dominican Republic into a world economic force, at any costs. Those costs would result in wide ranged human rights violations, and in the end instead of a world economic force, 

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