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    Tate LaBianca Murder Trial Chronology and Charles Manson

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    In five pages the infamous Tate LaBianca murder trial of Charles Manson and his 'Family' are considered with a chronology of the events that took place presented. One source is cited in the bibliography.

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    Tate-LaBianca murders is one of crime, psychological disorders and the establishment of his "Family". Manson had lived his life mostly within the prison system until his release in 1967 and  the establishment of his group of followers called "The Family". In August 1969, Manson and Family members murdered five people at the Tate household and two at the LaBianca household.  In 1970, their trial lasted nine months which included testimony which proved to be more shocking than the murders themselves. Manson and the other three members on trial were eventually  found guilty of first-degree murder. Charles Manson is still in prison and was been denied his tenth parole hearing in April 2002. Born  in Cincinnati on November 12, 1934, Manson was the illegitimate son of a sixteen year old girl named Kathleen Maddox. He never met his father. In 1939, Mansons mother is  sent to prison for armed robbery and instead of being sent into the foster care system, Manson ended up in the Gibault School for Boys in Terre Haute, Indiana after  which he began to commit his first known crimes in 1948. From 1948 to 1952, Manson was found guilty of burglary a grocery store which was followed by two armed  robberies, burglaries of approximately 20 gas stations and the sodomization of a boy in 1952. At that time he was placed into the Federal Reformatory in Petersburg, Virginia and then  transferred to a more secure facility in Chillicothe, Ohio (Linder, 2002). From 1955 to 1967, two years preceding the murders, Manson was married and divorced twice producing a son named  Charles from each marriage. He is also arrested and imprisoned for various crimes including forgery when he was a pimp in southern California and was eventually indicted in Mann Act 

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