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    Television's Impact on Society

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    This 3 page paper focuses on reality television and its impact on society. Wealth and power is the focus of attention. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    television reality shows featuring people from New Jersey has primarily focused on Italian Americans, some of whom are actually from New York. Many believe that featuring people who represent the  lower element of a certain ethnic group is not only disrespectful to that minority group, but not representative of the states population. This is just one example of how certain  television series spark discussion in the real lives of people. An interesting issues concerning television relates to wealth and power. Many of the reality shows focus on families that are  well off. All of the real housewives are wealthy, or at least in the upper middle class. Wealth and power are viewed as desirable by those who are featured on  these television shows. One has to wonder if real, average, everyday housewives were to be featured on these types of series, if anyone would watch. People are intrigued by beauty,  wealth and power, and many of the reality shows that have little in the way of theme are representative of this focus. Aside from reality television that focuses on  contests such as Survivor, Big Brother, and The Apprentice, the other types of reality series are focused on either wealth or sex. On some level, the shows impact society by  questioning values that are currently held. For instance, Jersey Shore has created a lot of controversy, but it has also caused people to discuss various issues concerning sex, relationships, and  young adults. A recent report reveals that a woman is suing the entire cast and network for allegedly being assaulted by the show security guards (Roberts, 2010). Because this is  a show about real life, real situations occur outside of the parameters of the filmed episodes. Therefore, reality television spills into the lives of people. On some level, the effects 

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