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    Tesco - International Marketing Strategy for the UK and US

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    This 98 page paper is a project to looks at the way in which Tesco, the successful UK supermarket, which has been struggling in the US, can develop an aligned strategy for both the UK and the US market. The paper provides an extensive literature review, looking at relevant theories which may be applied, including concepts of competitive advantage, the application of the marketing mix, theories of international marketing and issues concerning the creation and maintenance of loyalty. Following the outlining of a methodology advocating a case study approach and outlining the way primary research will take place the firm is then examined. The case study starts by looking at the way the company competes in the UK and then at the operations in the US where it trades under the name Fresh and Easy. With this background primary research is simulate to assess what customers in both countries want and need. The results are analyzed and used to design suitable strategies. The bibliography cites 72 sources.

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    2.1.4 How Advantages are Gained 14 Figure 1 Strategies using competitive advantage 14 2.1.5 Required Resources 15 2.1.6 Application to the Online Environment 17 2.2 The Marketing Mix 20 2.2.1 Product 21 2.2.2 Price 23 2.2.3 Placement 25 2.2.4 Promotion 26 2.3 International Marketing Approaches 27 2.3.1 Standardise or Customise 27  2.3.2 Application of Standardization 31 2.3.3 Application of Customization 33 2.4 Loyalty 36 2.4.1 Concept of Loyalty in Retail 36 2.4.2 Gaining and Retaining Loyalty in the Retail Sector 39 2.4.3 Loyalty Schemes 41 3. Methodology 46 3.1 Methodological Framework 46 3.2 Data Sources 58 3.2 The Survey 60 3.2.1 Sampling 61  Figure 2; Internal ands External Internet Sampling 64 3.2.2 Questionnaire 65 3.3 Data Analysis 66 4. Research Findings 67 4.1 Tesco Case Study 67 4.1.1 Background to Tesco 67 4.1.2 Tesco Strategy 69 4.1.3 Tesco Loyalty 73 4.1.4 Tesco in the US 77 4.2 Competitors 81 4.2.1 Wal-Mart 81 4.2.2 Sainsbury 84 4.3 Survey  Results 85 Figure 3 Reasons for chosen current main supermarket 87 Figure 4 Reasons for chosen current secondary supermarkets/shops 89 5. Discussion and Recommendation 92 5.1 Discussion 92 5.2 Recommendation 95 6. Conclusion 99 References 101  1. Introduction Tesco is the dominant supermarket in the UK, with a market share of 30.7% in the UK  (City A.M, 2011), a history showing increasing dividends for 26 consecutive years (Tesco, 2010) and an aggressive growth strategy in the UK and international markets the firm has been highly  successful. Today the firm has international a presence in 13 international markets across Europe, Asia and North America. The firm has transformed over the last decade with the increased international  presence, with 5,380 stores and 492,714 employees in the group operations and a turnover of ?67.6 billion (Tesco, 2011). However, despite the success of the firm and the  position as one of the worlds most profitable supermarkets, not all of the endeavours have been successful. Initial expansion into Ireland in the 1980s was not successful and the US  has proven difficult where expansion rate have been slower than excepted and the operations have been underperforming (Butler, 2007). The core operations remain in the UK, but with increasing international 

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