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    The Case Against the Welfare State

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    This 3 page paper is an argumentative essay arguing that draws on a range of views in order to argue against the welfare state, putting forward the view that it is a model that has higher costs than benefits and it rewards and encourages reliance and failure. The bibliography cites 2 sources.

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    The perspective is one that has developed and grown and seen governments support the development of the welfare state and the millions of dollars that it costs to run.  Over the life of the welfare state the level of reliance and the cost of the system have increased exponentially, which indicates rather than creating a safety net and protecting  the vulnerable, the costs of the welfare state may be greater than the benefits. There are a number of arguments against the welfare state which support its reduction or  elimination. There is a wealth of evidence that the welfare state and the associated anti poverty polices simply do not work. Murray (2994) points out that the poverty problem in  1980 was just as bad as it had been in 1970, despite billions of dollars being spent and a 16 year long anti poverty program being in place since 1964.  While the nay-sayers could argue that without the policies it is possible that poverty may have become worse, it is also very possible that the problem is with the concept  of the welfare state. With the way the welfare state has evolved there is a system that is able to create dependency and serve as a disincentive to work  (Murray, 1994). The support of mother having children outside of marriage coincides with increasing numbers of single parents and the devaluation of marriage as well as increasingly high numbers of  single parents on welfare. Even if the argument that the correlation is not causation it put forward it cannot be denied that the policy facilitates births of children into poor  homes. The payment of benefits to the unemployed makes unemployment an option for many. Instead of having to go out and work and find ways of earning a living, the 

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