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    Control over all of the other physiological systems in the body occurs through directions conveyed through the Central Nervous System (Picture of the Central Nervous System, 2010).  What Does It Do? Biological highway Controls biological processes Controls movement Receives information Interprets information Determines physiological adjustments. Speaker Notes: The nervous system has been  described as an "information highway" because it connects all the parts of the body with the control mechanism, the brain (Biology Online, 2009). The brain controls biological processes and  the functional movements of the body, while also receiving information through nerve cells that can be used to determine changes. For example, when a person burns his/her finger the  sensation of the burn is conveyed and the response of pulling the finger away from the heat occurs in a split second, through the interpretation of information and subsequent physiological  adjustments (Biology Online, 2009). Parts of the System Brain Spinal Cord Nerves Neurons Speaker Notes: The major components of the nervous system include the brain, the spinal cord,  nerves and neurons, which are essentially comprised of nerve cells which create nerve fibers. Speaker Notes: The nervous system connects to all the major structures in  the body and controls voluntary and involuntary movement. The spinal cord provides a link between the brain and each section of the body, and nerve fibers provide the pathway  between the major organs and the spinal cord, which takes information to the brain (Technology Updates, 2010). Brain Speaker Notes: The brain consists of  a number of parts, including the brainstem, cerebellum and the forebrain (The Brain, 2010). The brainstem is the connection between the brain and the rest of the body through 

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