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    The Cold War: Deleterious Impacts on European Security

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    A 7 page discussion of whether European Security has improved or deteriorated since the Cold War. The author points out that European security today is largely controlled by the United Nations, an entity controlled not by European powers but by the U.S. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    The Cold War had a number of impacts on European society. One of these has been more deleterious than positive in its impact on European security.  The intent of the Cold War, of course was to stabilize world politics and to maintain peace. In reality, it could be contended that the real outcome of  this political approach was not only anything but the establishment of a peaceful and secure world order but also one in which European countries placed a greater and greater reliance  on the United States in terms of protecting European security. Consequently, their own roles in protect the stability of the region became greatly reduced and, in essence, inadequate to  protect themselves during the turbulent years which were to follow the Cold War. The Cold War in itself was a kind  of warfare, a kind of warfare which was at least partially characterized by the strong insistence of the two major world powers that others in the world take sides and  emulate either one or the other both politically and culturally. Many European countries turned to the U.S. to provide the security which, in reality, should have been their own  responsibility. They viewed the USSR as their greatest threat and the U.S. as the salve to cure that great ill. The two  major players in the Cold War, of course, were the United States and the Soviet Union. Each offered a multitude of incentives to the smaller nations of the world  to team up with them. Some of these incentives were positive and others were negative. The United Nations resulted out of this turbulence. While, in theory, the 

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