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    The Conduct of Life by Maria Irene Fornes

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    In six pages this paper examines the 1985 play in terms of the playwright's resurrection of the 'suspension of disbelief' technique.

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    see. I may even believe thing that I really havent seen, but it feel as though I have. Maria Ire Fornes is a master of this ancient skill  of the suspension of disbelief. We will discuss it in her 1985 play, The Conduct of Life. BBfornes.doc Maria Irene Fornes: The Conduct of Life  (1985) Written by B. Bryan Babcock for the Paperstore, Inc., December 2000 Introduction to The Artist / Playwright Fornes  work has been described in the terms of the visual arts, as "surreal", or "absurdist" or "avant-garde." Since these art terms are large only still employed as academic  badges, we may not have a feel for the category that is being referenced. Surreal usually involves something, an action or a person that appears real enough, but has  been placed in an usual or incomprehensible setting. There is more of a feel to her theater, than he words or the actions display. Violence is never condoned  in her plays, yet today violence is a part of the living experience. This play is a composite of contrasts and emotions that bounce of each other like light  off water. There is a visceral nature to her work; one that looks you right in the face, and asks "whatta you gonna do now tough guy?" The Play  The setting of this play is a nameless Latin American country. The time - the present. In front of us on the stage, the set, is a  series of house-like rooms, and a ware-house. The audience/viewer watches the play through the ends of the rooms. The action moves from one room to the next, a 

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