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    The Culture and Operation of the Special Court in Sierra Leone

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    The Sierra Leone Special Court is an Ad Hoc court set up to hear the cases of those most responsible the atrocities in the Sierra Leone civil war. The model used was unprecedented with the court set up under a treaty rather under a resolution mandated by Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter. This has resulted in a court that has limited powers when compared to other similar tribunals set up by the United Nations, such as the International Criminal Tribunals for Yugoslavia (ICTY) and the International Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda (ICTR). The culture of the court reflects these limitations as well as the circumstances that led to its creations and the operational restraints. This 23 page paper considers the background, including the atrocities of the civil war and the failed peace agreements and then looks at issues such as the power and jurisdiction of the court to assess the culture and operations. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

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