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    This 7 page paper is an in-depth SWOT analysis of the UK middle market daily newspaper; The Daily Mail. The paper considers the position of the paper in the context of the national press market, including circulation figures and democracies of the readership. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

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    can be examined through a SWOT analysis Strengths Daily Mail has a circulation of 2,480,7461 (NMA, 2003). The readership is much higher at  5,905,0002 (NMA, 2003). This places the newspaper as the second highest circulation and readership in the country. Looking at this in the context of the newspaper industry the circulation and  the readership is much higher than the other mid market daily paper; The Express. This has circulation of 1,017,461 and a readership of 2,210,000 (NMA, 2003).  There is also a higher circulation than other popular and broadsheet newspapers such as the Daily Mirror, with a circulation of 1,939,560 and a  readership of 5,444,000, and broadsheets such as the Guardian with only 395,304 circulation and 1,352,000 readership, The Independent with 218,567 and 568,000 respectively, the Times 632,274 and 1,894,000 and  the Telegraph at 1,894,000 and 2,454,000 (NMA, 2003). The readership for the Daily is fairly evenly spread between the genders. Many papers, such  as the Star, the broadsheets and even the Mirror al have a bias towards men, and the higher level of female readership may be seen as a strength especially when  selling certain types of advertising. There is also a very strong presence in the 55 or over age group, readers between 55-  64 make up 22% of the papers readers and the 65 or over make up 26%, indicating a total of 48% of the entire readership is in the groups (NMA,  2003). This is similar to the Express, but the 48% of readers over the age of 55 have a higher level in the 65 or over group, meaning that 

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