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    The Dangers of Nuclear Power Plants

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    This 9 page paper takes the position that nuclear power plants are too dangerous and such plants should not continue to be built. Safety issues concerning nuclear power plants are discussed. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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    nuclear power plant or that a bomb would explode. Clearly, the dangers are immense. Nuclear power plants have been protected from accidents, but even that protection is small compared to  the devastation that could occur if there were a significant disaster. The safety of nuclear power plants is a significant issue facing the world today. There are special interest groups  such as "The Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space" and there are many individuals in politics and so forth who oppose nuclear power and nuclear weapons. While  nuclear weapons is of course another ball park, it is a concept that needs to be mentioned. Nuclear power and weaponry are things that can be good in terms of  safety, but they also can wreak havoc when they fall into the wrong hands or when safety is compromised. II. Nuclear Power A 2000  report that emanated from the Cambridge Energy Research Associates and Arthur Andersen claims that while both coal and nuclear power is thought to be on the decline in terms of  usage, these energy sources are quite viable (Zink 40). Yet, if anyone seriously wanted to begin a new nuclear project, a question arises in respect to the infrastructure; does the  infrastructure exist to carry it out (40)? The facts are that, in the United States, no new nukes have been ordered since 1973 and the last plant to be  built was completed in 1996 (Zink 40). It does seem that at least in the United States, things are rather slow in terms of planning and executing anything to  do with nuclear power. Still, although construction is hardly seen in some countries, others ave been moving ahead with their programs (40). International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has revealed that 

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