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    The Development and Transference Of Anti-School Youth Sub-Culture In An Inner-City School; A Research Proposal

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    This 9 page paper is research proposal and literature review looking at the development and transference of anti-school youth sub-culture in an inner-city school and the implications this has for policy and practice. The literature review includes the theories of Bourdieu, Piaget and Sherif. The bibliography cites 11 sources.

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    on the educational attainment of pupils at school. The proposal for this study is to assess the development and transference of anti-school youth sub-culture in an inner-city school and  determine the implications this has for educational policy and practice. The value of this study is to develop a model to help reduce the negative impact of the development and  transference of youth culture. Preventing this phenomenon is unlikely to be successful, as many models of development, such as Piaget, demonstrate that the development of the individual persona requires stages  of identification with perceived peers, characteristics are likely to include elements such as race, class and gender (Piaget, 2000, Murray, 1996). Therefore the value of this research will the identification  to transform the negative impact into a positive impact, converting the results and overcoming or reducing the barriers that this phenomenon creates. The first stage of research will be  a literature review which examines the why these cultures develop, the way in which youth subcultures can and may develop, the influences on the way that subculture develops. There are  a plethora of studies that have examined the development of culture, by looking at these the foundation on which the original work can take place will have its own basis  is accepted theoretical paradigms. The development of the subcultures are a division in the special order, often based on race or class. The idea of cultural capital is an  integral model. Class is no longer a matter of birth, with barriers to class blurring as the societal structures evolve. However, there are still dominant class structure. To this end  the theories of Pierre Bourdieu and his colleagues at the Centre for European Sociology and the theories of different forms of capital, the role of education and the way 

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