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    The Effect of Race and Class on Voting Behavior

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    This 9 page paper reviews several studies and theories in respect to the topic and then proposes a new study, inclusive of an outline, methodology and what results might be obtained. This topic is fully explored. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    In looking at this problem, more studies are needed to determine just what the effect of social class and minority status have on American voting behavior. The role of  social class and minority status indeed is integrated into political campaigns as politicians vie for the black or Jewish vote in New York, for example. In fact, Hillarys recent suggestion  that a relative of hers is Jewish has been seen as a ploy to obtain votes of a minority group. And it is true. Minority voting behavior does  influence the outcome of elections. Some might ask why minority status and class is such a large factor when people are individuals. The reasons are actually obvious as one votes  often with their pocketbooks, as they want laws and policies to help them and their financial affairs, and second, there is a great racial divide in the country and this  does influence perceptions. For example, the recent shootings of many unarmed black men in New Yorks inner city has created tension. Black men fear police. On the other side of  the coin are white, upper class conservatives who support law and order. They have more to protect, and while the stereotypical mixed neighborhoods of the cities are generally poorer, and  have less, they also fear the law. These less well off factions have been treated unfairly, so even if a black person from a neighborhood in New York is  an upstanding honest citizen, he or she may not support the authority they see as arresting and killing innocent people. This is just one suggestion as to why views might  differ based on race and class. There are other explanations and the literature will provide some insight into the problem. II. Literature Review 

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