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    This 7 page paper defines the concept of the global political economy, exploring exactly what is meant by this time and how it relates to the concept of international relations. The paper then examined some of the key power structures that can be found in the global political economy, identifying sources of those power structures and the way in which the power is leveraged. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

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    of economic actors, which in the international environment refers to nation-states and their governments, producers, consumers and distribution (Groenwagen, 1987). This is a simplification of the subject, which looks beyond  simply the issues of supply and demand, but also the relationships between the different elements and the way in which different factors may impact on these different factors. In global  political economics the issues studied on a global basis, with many actors impacting on the international environment. The primary actors and assessments will usually take place looking at different national  actors, often incorporating national governments as well as transnational organisations such as World Trade Organisation. The concept of the global political economy has invariably increased in terms of its size  and scope as increased globalisation has taken place and the complexity of the global economy has increased (Smith et al, 2011). From this basic discussion, it is apparent that  there is a convergence of political issues, which invariably have the potential to impact on the way in which economies develop and progress, just as economics will have an impact  on political issues, as seen in a way that embargoes are often used in a political manner. Determining which aspects of the definition are most important, politics or economics, can  be very difficult. Jeffrey Freiden a professor with Harvard University, with a specialisation on the international political economy argues that in most important component is politics, determining the way in  which they have an economic foundation, including how and why government policies will have an impact on market operations (Freiden and Lake, 2000). However, Freidens perception is not universal, there  are many others who would argue that it is economic forces which will mould and shape the way in which governments act and react in terms of policies and legislation 

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