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    The Hair Care Market in Italy

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    This 8 page paper considers the position of L’Oreal Elsive (Elvive) in Italy and undertakes a situation analysis of the market and the industry in that country including macro and micro conditions. The paper then conducts a SWOT analysis based on the company in these market conditions. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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    LOreal has a high level of resources and many different brand names. One of these is Elseve, associated primarily with hair care, but also a brand for body care products  this was the leading brand for shampoo in France, The company then decided to expand this market leadership across the rest of Europe (Keegan et al, 2001). The decision  of LOreal to pursue this market was a result of a change of perception of the market. The shampoo market in Europe had been one with low margins based on  price. This was not the target area of a company and brand where there was a premium image. The five main markets of Europe were France, the UK, Germany, Spain  and Italy. Each of these markets had potential, but were significantly different due to market condition and different consumer perceptions. To develop a marketing plan for Italy the environment,  industry and consumers in that country need to be examined. The economic conditions in Europe may be seen as having a negative impact. Joining the Euro had a harsh  impact on the economy, however the introduction of the Euro has been interpreted by many as being a trigger for an increase in prices (The Economist, 2003). The measurement of  the price increases has been controversial with different bodies measuring it differently, for example food inflation was measured at 3.2% by Istat, but rival institute Eurispes placed the same measure  at 29% (The Economist, 2003). The measurement is difficult and with one Euro equalling 1,936 lire there were price adjustments on the change. At the changeover the consumer was  meant to be protected by legislation that prevented retailers form simply rounding up to increase prices. Instead may process have jumped by a great deal. However, this was a move 

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