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    The Impact of the Industrialized Nations on the Developing World in the Twentieth Century

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    An 8 page overview of the impact the industrialized world, specifically the U.S. and eastern European powers, has exerted on Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    The relationships that have existed between the leading industrialized nations of the world such as the U.S., Eastern Europe, and Japan, and the developing nations such as  those found in Asia, Africa, and Latin America has varied considerably over time. The twentieth century, however, is particularly interesting in this regard. Most frequently, these relationships have  been characterized by a blatant difference in power and money. Often the industrialized worlds interactions with lesser developed countries were justified on the basis of the more developed country  needing to provide an umbrella of protection to the lesser developed country. While that may be the case these interactions were most often fueled by a desire for profit  by the industrialized nation itself as well. Colonization all too often resulted in a master-servant relationship both in a country to country sense and in a people to people  level (Ashcroft, 1994). Gauthier (1969) aptly notes that a servant in seldom involved in the decision making processes undertook by his master. He points out that instead the  servant is reconciled to the existence simply to carry out the masters dictates (Gauthier, 1969). Part of the "umbrella of protection"  that has been extended to lesser developed countries by the more industrialized countries of the world comes in the form of the World Bank and the IMF, entities that are  considered by many as the worlds knights in shining armor in terms of fighting the spreading global economic crisis (Toedtman, 1998). Member countries are required to contribute to the  financial resources of the IMF and these resources go to aid those countries in need (Womens International Network, 1998). While the intent of the IMF has been good, the 

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