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    The Implementation And Impact of the Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act Privacy Rule

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    This 12 page paper provides a proposal for a research project involving the impact of the HIPAA legislation. The paper is broken down into many categories and includes an outline, abstract, review of literature and recommendations. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    Importance of the Study Scope of the Study 1. The effects of the legislation on businesses. 2. Tangible and intangible costs of paperwork. 3. Financial  impact of negotiating of pre-existing conditions. 4. Ramifications of identification and authentication systems. 5. The impact on patient care. 6. Has research really been hindered by privacy  concerns? Rationale of the Study Definition of Terms 1. Pre-existing Condition 2. Waiting Period Overview of the Study Chapter  Two: Review of the Literature 1. Some authors say that the new law has mandated a great deal of unnecessary paperwork 2. The law is costly for many  companies. 3. Researchers are concerned about the effects on their research. 4. All businesses must be concerned about the legislation. Chapter Three: Methodology  The method or approach of this research should be multi-faceted. Chapter Four: Data Analysis After doing research as proposed above, a student writing on this  subject will be able to analyze the data. Chapter Five: Summary, Discussion and Recommendations Here, a student writing on this subject will first summarize the scope  of the study, the results of the study and render final conclusions. ABSTRACT This research paper provides a proposal for a research project  involving the impact of the HIPAA legislation. Various issues are explored inclusive of, but not limited to, the impact that the legislation will have on ordinary businesses. Also included  is how researchers will be affected and how patients perceive the legislation in terms of benefits and detriments. All aspects of the impact of legislation is examined. Chapter 

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