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    The Legalization of Drugs

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    This is a 7 page paper that provides an overview of legalizing drugs. The argument for legalization is presented as a nine-slide Power Point presentation with speaker notes. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    the majority of institutional approaches to curbing drug use proving ineffective, and in most cases actually increasing rates of drug use, and at the very least increasing administrative costs through  incarceration and processing of drug offenders, it is necessary for law enforcement agencies to adopt a more contemporary and nuanced viewpoint of drug usage and its appropriate administration under the  law. Significantly, this new approach must balance the realities of drug use with the need to diminish extraneous crime associated with drug use. Slide Two Social disorganization is a  major cause of drug use Disparity between the rich and poor Reduced access to legitimate social advancement (Siegel, 2010) Illegal drugs used to relieve stress/pressure In order to understand  how the law might effectively come to deal with drug use in a more appropriate fashion, it is first necessary to understand drug use as a social phenomenon, and its  causes. One of the most significant reasons that is cited for people using drugs is the inherent social disorganization in society. As the disparity between the rich and the poor  increases, the result is an increasing population that is denied access to legitimate avenues of social progress (Siegel, 2010). Often, such groups turn to drug use as a way to  mitigate the pressure and stressors of living in such a fundamentally fragmented and unjust society. Slide Three Family problems also influence drug use Experience of abuse correlated with use  of illegal drugs (Siegel, 2010) Drugs used again to relieve stress/pressure This suggests drugs should be regarded as sociological problem, not legal problem Another major reason that people use  drugs is because of family problems. There is a significant correlation between the experience of having been abused (whether physically, psychologically, or sexually) and the tendency to use illegal drugs 

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