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    The Media and Aggression

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    In five pages this paper discusses the desensitizing aspects of violence as a result of its constant presence in the media. Two sources are listed in the bibliography.

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    a mimicking behaviour as part of the basic human psyche, a theory which then lends itself to the argument that violence in the media may be to encourage  real violent behaviour in real life. There have been many incidences where a violent criminal has been found to have violent or offensive material in their possession that relates to  the crimes of the owner (Britton, 1998). These may be in the form of magazines or videos which are often illegal. However,  even at this level, there is little proof that the root cause of the crime has been the media that they have been exposed to (Britton, 1998). Therefore, the role  of violence in the media and the way it may impact on individual behaviour is still one of a theoretic relationship rather than a proven causation. The problem when  examining a subject such as this is the way in which we interpret media violence, and then try to assess the influence it may have on individuals. Even defining what  is meant by violence needs to be places into a broader context. The media is a wide variety of mass communication tools, this encompasses cartoons and comics, sports, soap operas  and films through to snuff videos. The portrayal of violence n cartoons has been present for many decades. Tom and Jerry are typical of this, there are few episodes where  Tom is not brutally injured, but this is still seen as suitable viewing for children. The context is seen as fantastical and unrealistic, however, if the same events were portrayed  with real people in a more realistic setting and shown to children there would be outcry. The main argument is not that because an event is shown on 

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