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    The Muhajir Qaumi Mahaz (MQM)

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    This 7 page paper looks at the formation, development operations, structure, fundraising, political power and achievements and the training of the Muhajir Qaumi Mahaz (MQM)and their activists in Pakistan. The writer considers both the political and the military wings of this organisation. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

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    no voice. If we look at the background, operations and ideals behind many terrorist groups this link between politics and terrorism will be apparent. Looking at the Muhajir Qaumi Movement  this is more transparent that for other groups. The Muhajir Qaumi Mahaz (MQM) was formed in 1984, by Altaf Hussain, who is still the current leader of the organisation, which  is also a political party (MQM, 2002). To understand the reasons for the emergence of this group at this time we need to briefly consider the history of Pakistan. The  formation of Pakistan was controversial when it took place. This was the building of a nation, and as such there are always problems in state building. With the formation of  Pakistan the Muhajirs, who spoke Urdu, had a great deal of input into the creation of Pakistan, in the early years they had a dominant position in both the economy  and the politics of the country (Engineer, 2001). However, this domination did not last long, and the Punjabis, who were the  majority in terms of nationality in Pakistan, began to assert their position and the majority citizenship. This meant a loss of power for the Muhajirs (Engineer, 2001). In addition to  this the Muhajirs also felt alienated as they had few cultural routes in the region. The gaining of power by the Pakisan  Peoples Party (PPP) under the leadership of Zulfeqar Ali Bhutto created a scenario where the Muhajir were further marginalised. The policies and culture of the party appealed to the other  cultures in the area. There had been unrest, and with the rise to power of the PPP changes were made to address the balance of power and further favour the 

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