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    The Next Debate in International Relations

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    This 3 page paper considers what debate will be the next regarding international relations. The paper argues that the emphasis is gradually shifting form that pf power to that of responsibility, and that this combined with the increased awareness of problems regarding globalization will need to a new approach to be taken which can adapt for the future as well a satisfy today’s needs.

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    at the upcoming issues and what is likely to have the greatest impact I n the future we can look t the developments of the past to give us a  guide. The development of the world may be seen as following a process, whereby political though has had to mature. Where as once it was believed that the right approach  was that of conquest but the increased awareness of the cost of conquest has been greater use of diplomacy and the need for co-operation and consent. This has also been  accompanied by the realisation of the way in which the past has impacted on both the globe and also on the individuals within many states. The attitude is one  that can be seen as shifting fro the use of power to the responsibility that goes with the power, not only in terms of political power but that of economic  power. Responsibility may be seen as the aspect of international relations that is gaining in importance. However, this is not without controversy, as how should this attitude manifest. For charities  there is a very strong notion of the need to help nations states help themselves, without interfering with the cultural development or ideals. However, in the political world cultural contamination  may be seen as the spread of democracy and increased social integration. This amyl so recognise the way in which power shifts. The current ascendancy of China after decreasing  trading barriers and joining the World Trade Organisation. If the paradigm of responsibility is seen to spread the way this takes place may influence the future world structure. Responsibly  can be seen n the way help and aid is given and also in the way international law is enforced. The war in Iraq has shown the way that force 

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