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    This 10 page paper explains what the North American Union means. The history of this proposal is also traced, including discussions of the Trilateral Commission, the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, the meetings between the heads of state and the superhighway. The paper discusses the purpose and how it all came about. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    the last several months. What is the North American Union? Think EU, European Union, because it is along the same lines. The proposal would have the United States, Mexico and  Canada become one union. Absurd to most Americans and probably most Canadians but nonetheless the proposal has gone so far as to name the currency that would be used -  amero. What very few people know is that the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) was actually launched by the leaders of these three countries in 2005  (Sanchez, 2007). At the meeting of these leaders, which was held in Texas resulted in this joint statement: We will establish working parties led by our ministers and secretaries  that will consult with stakeholders in our respective countries. These working parties will respond to the priorities of our people and our businesses, and will set specific, measurable, and achievable  goals. The ministers were supposed to have their initial report with goals and steps within 90 days, after which, reports were to be submitted monthly (Sanchez, 2007). The stakeholders  in this process are large businesses. The next summit took pace in 2006 in Cancun, Mexico (Sanchez, 2007). The Mexican president commented that they would continue to obtain "information about  the development of programs" (Sanchez, 2007) and they also gave more instructions to their committees (Sanchez, 2007). At that time, it was determined that different regulations and decrees issued by  each head of state (Sanchez, 2007). Even at this writing, the exact particulars about the SPP and the North American Union have not been released (Sanchez, 2007). Robert Pastor  has been identified as the person who initiated this project and who is at the forefront of keeping it alive with the heads of state (Sanchez, 2007). This all began 

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