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    The Nursing Shortage

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    This 4 page paper looks at the problem of the nursing shortage, reviewing an article that undertakes research identifying factors causing nurses to the clinical practice. The contents of the article and main message are considered, supporting evidence from alternative research is identified and the paper ends by looking at the importance of tackling the issues identified in the research paper. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

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    as well as looking at how to keep them. MacKusick and Minick (2010) look at this issue, considering it from a different angle; looking at why nurses are leaving clinical  profession. In any profession where there is a shortage of skill it is common sense that to reduce that shortage as well as attracting new blood, there is a need  to ensure that those who already have not only the skills that are needed but the experiences that are so important, especially when the development of new staff takes time  due to the importance of experience. It is also many of the nurses that are leaving who will be able to help the new nurses gain that experience, by  transferring their knowledge. It is estimated that in the US, but the year 2025 there ill be a shortage of more than 25,000 registered nurses (MacKusick and Minick, 2010).  This is not a long way away, many of the nurses that are practicing today will still be practicing in 14 year - if they can be kept in the  nursing profession. However, at the current time between 30% and 50% of all new registered nurses will either leave their profession, or change the position before completing three years of  clinical practice (MacKusick and Minick, 2010). This research article is very important as rather than looking at how to keep nurses, it is looking at the influencing factors that impact  on the decision to leave. In order to identify these factors rather than looking and individuals who are dissatisfied with their positions in nursing, the sample was taken from registered  nurses that are no longer working in clinical practice, using a methodology based on semi structured interviews. There were three main issues identified as impacted on their decision to leave, 

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