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    The Perception of Ethics in Marketing

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    This 11 page paper presents research findings based on a questions provided by the student to assess the perceptions of the general public regarding the presence and influence of ethics in marketing. The paper presents an introduction, methodology, findings and analysis of findings. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

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    an increasing amount of marketing mediums available as well as interference, making it more difficult for marketers to get to their target market. This has resulted in the use of  a range of strategies designed to get the attention, some advertisements campaigns, such as Benetton have been controversial. But there is little doubt the main aim of marketing is to  gain attention and to support the sale of goods or services, either directly, by promoting the sale of the good or service, or indirectly with the support of the brand  and the brands image with the aim of influencing ongoing purchase decision through influencing the perception of the brand by the purchaser (Kotler and Keller, 2008; Klien, 2005). While  the environment gets more competitive the trust in marketing appears to be decreasing. This may not be surprising when there have been a large number of corporate scandals in the  news eroding trust in large corporations and their ethics, from financial scandals such as Enron and Parmalat though to unethical practices such as the Primark scandal where they were discovered  to be using suppliers who used child labor. Ethics in business are receiving increased attention, but there is little that indicates the way in which the marketing function is perceived.  If marketing is the way that a firm sells it output, then the way that the medium and tools used to sell the goods is perceived will impact on  the way that the message is heard. The perception of marketing is therefore an under-studied area that could benefit from research in order to improve marketing knowledge. 1.2 Research Question  In order to undertake this research a questions needs to be determined so that the result collected will be able to answer this question. The question for this research is 

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