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    The Power of Negative Thinking: Sartre and Camus

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    A 5 page paper which examines the power of negative thinking seen in Sartre’s “Nausea” and Camus’ “The Fall.” No additional sources cited.

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    than satisfying. But, at the same time not everyone is aware when they are involved in their own level of negative thinking. Thinking negatively is often a very subtle reality  to those who employ such thought and as such can often go completely unnoticed by the individual. Such is the case in Sartres "Nausea" and Camus "The Fall" to one  degree or another. In the following paper we examine the two stories separately as they involve the power of negative thinking. The paper concludes with a brief discussion of the  two. Sartre In Sartres "Nausea" we are presented with a story of one mans ascent, or perhaps descent, into a form of thought. The story is presumably a  journey into existential thought yet it presents us with the negative possibilities associated with such thought. Sartre is able to do this because of the structure of his story which  is set up like a diary. Through the presentation of ones inner thoughts we actually watch the progression of thought in a much more powerful and personal manner. If the  story were merely narrated in first person, or narrated by a third party, there would be a great deal of information that we, as the reader would not see. Through  diary form, however, there is no hidden agenda necessarily and the individual, Roquentin, is left bare for both the reader and Roquentin. This provides a very clear and personal look  at the journey that involves negative thinking. The title itself indicates that Roquentin is made nauseous by much of what he encounters. And, in fact, his entire reason for  keeping this diary is to better locate what it is that is making him nauseous. He has been experiencing many strange sensations which leave him sick and he desires to 

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