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    The Power of Prayer

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    This 8 page paper provides an overview of data related to the impacts of the power of prayer. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    to consider different aspects that may be creating any changes seen as a result of prayer. There are many instances where prayers are said with a cause in mind, these  may be general wishes for peace and goodwill, or they may be more specific such as for the cure of an illness. Prayers for children in educational settings and the  belief that prayer can help students succeed is a central question in this research study. The Research Questions and Research Options The first question that is assessed as  a part of the research is: Did the year 2000 children graduate in higher numbers than the control groups. The student requested help in finding national statistics on  this, and on other elements, including employment and law enforcement contact. It might be easier to find statistical data for specific school districts or states, rather than for the  nation as a whole. Figures regarding national rates of graduation are often difficult to ascertain (census figures do not occur frequently enough and the researcher has been unable to  locate national statistics for all three years mentioned). Specific school districts provide complete data on their student populations over the span of 5 and 10 years. For example,  East Side Union High School District of San Jose, California, publishes what they describe as their "School Accountability Report Card." This document outlines the specific outcomes for their schools  and gives information about academic achievement, suspension and expulsion rates, and even rates of academic performance, and compares outcomes over a span of the three school years. For San  Joses Silver Creek High School, a public school that had an enrolment in 2000-2001 of 2612 students, the report card outlines demographic elements as well as educational attainment in both 

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