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    This 4 page paper demonstrates the power of public relations (PR) by looking at three examples of successful PR exercises. The examples include the Image of Prince Charles when his son was caught breaking the law, the use of PR by Greenpeace when fighting Royal Dutch Shell and their disposal plans for the Brent Spa oil platform and the imager of George Bush following the Iraq war. The bibliography cites 3 sources

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    the general public. There are many examples of good PR exercises, some of which may have commercial motivations, other which might not. Looking at an unusual example, we can  look to the Royal family in the United Kingdom. Prince Charles, once the darling of the public had fallen from grace, the revelation over his relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles and  broken marriage and the subsequent death of Princess Diana brought his reputation to an all time low. This was not a commercial problem, but it was a constitutional problem, with  the future of the monarchy resting on the future public perception of the heir to the throne. In the use of PR has been astounding. By looking at one example  of an incident that could have damaged an already battered reputation the role of constructive PR can be appreciated. In 2004, Price Harry; Charless youngest son, was caught  breaking the law. However, the way that this was handled and portrayed to the press demonstrated to show Price Charles as a sympathetic and understanding lone parent, who faces  many of the same problems as other single parents and had suffered "every parents nightmare" (Platell, 2002; 20). Charles was seen to take a proactive approach, taking Harry to a  drug centre where addicts were, taking a very different approach than would have traditionally been the case, with a cover-up. This turned a potential disaster into one that was used  to show Price Charles as a modern caring parent, rather than one who is aloof and out of touch. AS such this was turned into a PR triumph. There  are some cases where PR becomes a battle, with two sides each seeking to gain advantage. This was the case over the Brent Spa oil platform, whilst this turned out 

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