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    The Problems of Football Clubs and How to Increase Revenues Through Ticket Sales; A Research Proposal

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    This 12 page paper looks at the problem faced by many football clubs; the need to increase revenue. The paper outlines a proposal to investigate the way football clubs may be able to enhance revenue through ticket sales. The introduction, problem statement and research objectives and literature review are presented before a research methodology is proposed. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

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    Sales 5 3. Methodology 8 3.1 Research Approach 9 3.2 Sampling 11 3.3 Results Analysis 13 4. Expected Outcome 14 References 14 1. Introduction Football is a sport, supporter will  buy tickets to see matches or support their team in other ways, this may include the purchase of merchandise as well as the emotional commitment given to the teams. In  order to survive the football clubs need to be financially viable, able to pay their outgoings from their revenue. It may be an unpopular concept to many loyal fans, but  to survive football clubs need to be seen in business terms. In recent years there have been a number of financial difficulties faced by a number of clubs; at the  time of writing this paper Coventry City is nearing bankruptcy with debts of ?198 million owed to the Co-Operative bank. It is not a problem isolated to the UK, this  is being seen internationally, from Italy to the US different sporting clubs are facing financial difficulties with only the top clubs able to utilise brand value to sell a range  of diversified goods. Clubs such as Manchester United may have been able to create large markets; however, they are in a minority. This means that it is important for football  clubs to understand the way they can make money and how their financial situation could be improved. For the majority of football clubs the majority of their sporting  income will come fro ticket sales, the more people they can get to buy tickets and the better the price they can commend the greater the chance that the football  club will be self financing. Increased attendance will increase potential complimentary sales, such as merchandise, and reduce the pressure on the diversification seen as many clubs with the provision of 

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