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    The Problems with Libra

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    The magistrates courts in England and Wales needed a new IT system. The existing system were out of date and were fragmented. The name of the project, conceived in the early 1990's was Libra, which had the aim of creating a standardised system for the courts. The plans have faced many problems. This 17 page paper considers how and why these problems arose and then looks at applying system of systems methodology (SOSM) to the problem in order to find a solution. The bibliography cites 14 sources.

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    magistrates courts in the UK. It has been known that the IT system in place within the magistrates court has been inadequate to meet the needs of a system that  deals with 95% of all criminal prosecutions in the UK criminal justice system (Controller and Auditor General, 2003). The system that are in use do not facilitate the sharing  of information with the different courts, nor do they allow a piecemeal transfer of information between the various law enforcement agencies (Controller and Auditor General, 2003). There was the  decision in the early 1990s that a new system needed to be procured to resolve these limitation and increase the efficiency of the service, this was the Libra project. There  were several attempts to put a strategy in place to release this goal, it was sonly after two failed attempts starting in 1992 that there was an agreement reached with  the provider ICL under a PFI agreement. Where there are limited resources, such as in the legal system, not all needs can  be satisfied, and it was partly due to this as well as due to the economic condition in 1992 that Norman Lamont, the Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer launched  the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) (Timmins, 2000). The aim was to bringing in more money to realise the goal. This was a  scheme were private companies would be able to undertake an project that would traditionally have been in the remit of the pubic sector. The companies would need to bid to  undertake the contracts. The way that PFI works is that that the private contractor will provide the capital asset, either due it 

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