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    The Psychological Vocabulary of the Bible

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    This 5 page paper provides an overview of a proposal to assess the psychological vocabulary of the Bible. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    different psychological states, from contentment to mental illness, from depression to what some might consider to represent dissociative personality disorders. The psychological language of the Bible, then, speaks of  the emotional and psychological influences in the lives of Biblical figures, and is expressed everywhere, from the earliest books of the Old Testaments to the Gospels and Psalms.  Research Aim The research aim is to determine the nature of Biblical language with a focus on the language of emotions. This research study will determine the correlation between  the psychological language of the Bible and Torah and the specific interpretations of Biblical meaning applied in the modern era. Key Questions The following are the key  questions that will be integrated into this study: 1. What are the examples of psychological language in each book of the Bible? 2. What does the  language of emotions add to the actions of the Bible? 3. How do different interpretations of the psychological language of the Bible influence how actions are perceived?  4. How would a modern psychological interpretation of Biblical texts, with a specific focus on the role that emotion plays in shaping actions, determine a different interpretation of the  Bible when compared to interpretations of faith. 5. Do differences exist in the interpretation of the English and Hebrew versions of the Bible in regards to the language  of emotions. Review of Literature The review of literature will include a variety of different source materials regarding the nature of the language, both English and Hebrew interpretations.  Mumford conducted a study in 1992 about the nature of emotional distress in the Hebrew Bible and the expressions used for emotional distress. This study will be used as 

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